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PoolFax® AVE

A simple subscription web app that brings potential buyers of a home with a swimming pool, current homeowners with a swimming pool and realtors together on one platform for all swimming pool education, operational and ownership decision support needs. It is programmed to support all types of pools that impact real estate ownership and property value. It is constantly updated with additional AI and market data as the user base grows.

Official PoolFax® AVE Record

Only homes that have had an official PoolFax® report completed through a PoolFax Pool Pro Review (e.g., 2nd opinion of an inspection report) or a PoolFax® designated home inspector, or from a PoolFax® designated pool construction or service professional will have a PoolFax® on record.

Subscription Types

Anyone can have a free subscription to the basic PoolFax® features.  Realtors would set up a free account and then upgrade their subscription to a premium Realtor PoolFax® Pro account through their app menu feature.

Realtor PoolFax® Pro Account

Realtors that upgrade their free PoolFax® AVE account to Pro receive additional features that improve their professional value and separation in the market. These include a global property search feature and access to any property’s most current PoolFax® on record, an ability to add new properties to the PoolFax® database that are not set up yet and make a request for a Pool Pro Review of a pool inspection that may need a more accurate assessment of the deficiencies or pool condition, along with any estimated costs of repair or replacements.  For properties already in the database, realtors can assign themselves these properties they wish to follow for potential seller or buyer indications as well as ongoing market analytics support.

Pool Types

Known as a PoolFax® Classification or “PF Class,” these are the types of pools PoolFax® AVE supports. Class A- Gunite (concrete), Class B- Vinyl liner (inground), Class C- Fiberglass (inground), and Class D- Above ground vinyl liner pools (includes above-ground pools recessed in the ground).

PoolFax® Comparable Market Score

Called a Quality of Ownership score or “QScore,” this is the cumulative rating of the pool on a valuation scale of 0 to 5. The scale and algorithm are managed by PoolStar® Capital and is intended to leverage fundamental data about a pool to help homeowners make the most intelligent and proactive decisions when buying a home with a pool. The system programming receives annual updates to ensure the scale and algorithm continue to account for new pools entering the market and old pools that are remodeled.

PoolSmart™ Value Management Recommendations

These are automatic responses based on the data entered in AVE and represents the easiest, most modern, and cost-effective improvements that will raise the pool’s Quality of Ownership experience and market value of the home. 

PoolFax® Pool Pro Review

This is a premium, on-demand service that only realtors can request and submit through their Realtor PoolFax® Pro app. It provides realtors with direct access to PoolStar® Capital’s centralized team of experienced pool professionals who will accurately assess or interpret pool deficiencies noted on a home inspection report. In addition, they will provide an estimated cost of repair or replacement for any deficiencies that need one.  This dedicated pool professional feature provides access to a pool pro without the hassle of trying to schedule one for the inspection, especially in cases where the home inspector doesn’t perform pool inspections. Or, in situations where a local pool professional is used for the inspection but provides an inspection report with minimal details to help with buyer awareness, or there is a concern for biased deficiencies.


MPACT™ is an acronym for PoolStar® Capital’s complimentary pool education content that Realtor PoolFax® Pro account holders have access to. It comes in a simple “cut & paste” format that includes a sharing guide and quick professional level overview of the subject matter.

AVE App User Guide

Your Profile

Is the location to manage and update your personal information as well as reset your password.


This is the home page and Test AVE calculator for all subscription levels offering users the ability to run unlimited PoolFax® AVE scenarios without impacting the property records.

My Pool

This is the menu feature for all subscriber levels to access the most current PoolFax® AVE report on a home or homes they personally own with a pool.

Pool Search (Pro / Agent Only)

This is a feature only available to Realtor PoolFax® AVE Pro subscribers that allows them to search PoolFax® for homes already existing in the database.  This is also the starting point for realtors to establish a new home in the PoolFax® database and become the “realtor of record” for the property. For existing homes in the database, this is the feature for other agents to search and associate themselves with properties they wish to follow for ongoing market trending data.

Pool Registry (Pro / Agent Only)

This is a list of all properties a Realtor PoolFax® Pro account holder has associated themselves with or is identified as the realtor of record. Clicking on the property address will bring up the most current PoolFax® AVE report on record. It will also allow a realtor to request a Pool Pro Review of the local inspection report during a real estate transaction. An option to remove oneself from property association is also provided at the bottom of the PoolFax® AVE report if the agent no longer wishes to follow the property for market trending data.

Request Pool Pro Review (Pro / Agent Only)

This is the feature that allows a Realtor PoolFax® Pro accountholder to submit a request and pool inspection report for a PoolFax® Pro Review.

AVE Calculator

This is the menu feature used to navigate back to the dashboard home page and test AVE calculator.