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Pool record for 305 Club House Dr Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801
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The AVE QScore for this pool is 3.17
For a Gunite pool this pool QScore rates as Standard at 63.4%
Gunite Pool

We have PoolSmart recommendations (5) based on your AVE results.
  • Lighting is the #1 failing item in a swimming pool. In some states there is a mandate to update all high voltage pool lighting to low voltage lighting when they become defective to create greater energy savings as well as swimmer safety.
  • Upgrade to a stand-alone robotic cleaner as a more modern and energy efficient cleaning device.
  • Consider adding home passageway alarm on all doors and windows that allow direct access from the home to the pool area.
  • Ensure you meet safety fencing standards, which is the primary form of safety barrier recognized by all municipalities and the pool industry.
  • Inspectors Notes:
    Disclaimer(s): PoolFax® reports, analysis and assessments do not involve any type of pool leak detection, other than what our onsite inspectors can see occurring from equipment or water features demonstrating leakage at the time of inspection. If leakage is a concern, then our recommendation is to connect with PoolStar® Support with any questions about how to troubleshoot or diagnose them.

    1. SAFETY BARRIERS: It was noted that the backyard had fencing that would meet the standards for safety barrier fencing on the front and two sides. The back fence would not technically meet the safety barrier standards. The purpose of this note is to make the new homeowner aware that the burden of safety barrier control transfers to them, as it did for the current owner who purchased the property from the previous owner. The utility access gate allowing access from the front of the home by the garage would need to be locked with a pad lock when not in use to technically meet child safety barrier standards. The pool was built with a single sump drain and none VGB compliant drain cover. At some point, it would be recommended to replace the drain cover with a VGB compliant cover, which averages $35/cover.

    2. SAFETY UTILITIES: The pool equipment conduit had proper conduit integrity throughout the exterior wiring. The equipment bonding wire was noted to be connected to the booster pump, with extra wiring available to connect to the filter pump. The current homeowner can attach this to the motor bonding clamp at any time to complete the equipotential bonding loop of the pool.

    3. POOL LIGHTING: The pool was noted to be equipped with both low voltage incandescent color pool lighting with two 10” lights in the pool and one 6” in the spa. The shallow end pool light was resting on the side of the pool and did illuminate, as did the spa light that was properly setting in its light niche. The deep end light did not illuminate with activation of the pool lighting. The current homeowner was made aware of the situation while onsite. He also stated that it was his intent to have the shallow end light set back in its niche before closing once the water temp was slightly warmer and he had the single set screw in hand to lock it back in place. The repair options for the deep end light starts with a possible bulb & gasket replacement, which averages $500/light, or a complete light replacement, which averages $900/light. Pool was original built to offer fiberoptic colored lighting below the coping around the perimeter of the pool and spa. The color drive motor was in front of the iAqualink equipment control panel. The drive activated but it did not illuminate the perimeter fiber optic line. The lighting effect may not have been as noticeable in the day light since it isn’t a bright light effect. Or the fiber lighting filament has aged to the point that it doesn’t transmit the light effectively anymore. There is no repair recommendation for this lighting due to it being dated technology and not relevant to the pool’s operable lighting capabilities.

    4. COPING & WATERLINE TILE: The pool coping was made of 2” flagstone pieces. The overall condition and appearance was good. However, a couple loose pieces were noted on the spillway, as well as some deteriorated mortar in a few spots. The current homeowner indicated to us that they have the repair scheduled but was waiting until the pool inspection was completed to make repairs so it could be fully operational for its evaluation. Average cost of coping repair is estimated at $250.

    5. SKIMMERS: The pool was equipped with two skimmers to provide the appropriate amount of top water surface debris control. However, the skimmers were noted to be missing their weir flaps that allow them to retain debris in the skimmer basket when the system is off. The homeowner currently has two Bernoulli aftermarket skimmer baskets in them to provide some of the debris retention effect when the system is off. Average cost to install new skimmer weirs is $45/skimmer.

    6. SANITATION: The pool is equipped with Pentair Model320 in-line chlorine tablet feeder. The system was currently in-operable due to the winter freeze damage on its supply line tied into the pool return line. The current homeowner said the part was on order and intended to have it repaired before closing. Average cost of repair is $65.

    7. EQUIPMENT PLUMBING: The pool return line was noted to have a damaged 2-way check valve on directing flow to the spa fountain bubbler. The current homeowner had the replacement valve onsite and indicated an intent to have this replaced before closing. Average cost for professional removal and installation of the check valve is $185, not including the check valve, which averages $85.

    8. AUTOMATION CONTROLS: The automated valve control (aka JVA) on the return side that controls flow to the pool or spa, depending on what mode you are in(Pool or Spa) was noted to have a slight delay in transition into the desired mode. It didn’t appear to have a damaged communication line so it is not identifiable as a deficiency, other than might benefit from a maintenance call. Average service call visit is $150. Average JVA replacement cost is $285.

    9. CLEANER SYSTEM: The pool is equipped with an in-pool pressure cleaner with dedicated 3/4hp booster pump. The pump was fully operational but demonstrating possible bearing noise. The in-pool cleaner device was not able to be operationally assessed since the wall connection adaptor for the water supply line was not connected to the wall or supply line at the time. The current homeowner brought out the connection adaptor to show it was available and state that he was going to connect it to the supply hose before closing.

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Galen Crabtree

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