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Pool record for 11401 Woodbridge Rd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73162
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The AVE QScore for this pool is 2.32
For a Vinyl pool this pool QScore rates as Minimum at 51%
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  • Lighting is the #1 failing item in a swimming pool. In some states there is a mandate to update all high voltage pool lighting to low voltage lighting when they become defective to create greater energy savings as well as swimmer safety.
  • Upgrade to a stand-alone robotic cleaner as a more modern and energy efficient cleaning device.
  • Upgrade to a variable speed filter pump for much greater energy savings.
  • Upgrade to an off-line chlorine feeder to reduce the potential for over chlorinating the pool, and for chlorine gases damaging equipment such as a heater when the system is off.
  • Consider adding home passageway alarm on all doors and windows that allow direct access from the home to the pool area.
  • Inspectors Notes:
    • Construction & Finishes:
    - Liner over metal entry steps instead of the more common use of fiberglass step insert.
    • Entertainment:
    - None noted.
    • Circulation:
    - 5 pool returns versus the more common use of 3.
    • Equipment, Sanitation & Filtration (Automation & Pool Efficiencies?):
    - DEWENWILS Wi-Fi smart box for an ECEO Plug smart phone pool control app.
    • Safety:
    - Fencing that would meet safety barrier standards for fencing type and design.
    - Low voltage pool lighting.
    - Fitted safety cover.

    Winterization Disclaimer(s): This report is being provided as a limited assessment due to the pool being winterized and non-operational at the time of the onsite inspection. So, this report does not address the operational condition of the pool equipment or integrity of the interior finish (e.g., plaster, liner, wall framing, etc.). It is recommended that buyers get confirmation when the pool was winterized and by what service company from the seller(s). If leakage or operational concerns develop after taking ownership of the home, then our recommendation is to connect with PoolStar® Support with any questions about how to troubleshoot or diagnose the situation.

    Disclaimer(s): PoolFax® reports, analysis and assessments do not involve any type of pool leak detection, other than what our onsite inspectors can see occurring from equipment or water features demonstrating leakage at the time of inspection. If leakage is a concern, then our recommendation is to connect with PoolStar® Support with any questions about how to troubleshoot or diagnose them.

    1. WINTERIZATION STATUS: The pool was in a winterized state with the filter pump and sand filter drain plugs removed and the multi-port valve on the sand filter in the “winterized” position. The skimmer had its winterizing container installed in the suction line with pool antifreeze in the skimmer cavity. Water level was dropped below the skimmer intake and all return lines were plugged. The fitted safety cover had been in place but was pulled back to allow for better pool assessment. The multi-port valve was tested for its operable condition and rotated clockwise the full 360 degrees to test the condition of the internal springs and it work well. The pump breaker was off at that the time of the inspection but briefly returned to the on position to test the pump for power. The pump activated properly and sounded as if the pump was in good working order.

    2. SAFETY BARRIERS: The backyard fencing had the appropriate type of fencing and gate to meet safety barrier standards, with the one gate being a utility gate and not a simple pedestrian gate. The requirement standard is for a utility gate to be locked when not in use. The pool water was too green to allow visual assessment of the type of drain in place. Based on the seller statement that the liner was replaced in the last 2 years, the drain cover should be a VGB compliant safety drain cover.

    3. SAFETY UTILITIES: The pool equipment area didn’t appear to have a bare #8 copper bonding wire available to attach to the pumps and heater. Without a remnant of wire known to be connected to the pool rebar, there wouldn’t be an effective means of re-establishing equipment bonding. This is a common item not in place at the time of inspection for pools of this age.

    4. SAFETY INGRESS: The pool was equipped with entry steps on the shallow end and a removable ladder for the deep end that was stored by the equipment during the pool’s winterization.

    5. POOL LIGHTING: The pool light breaker appeared to be the only means of turning the pool light no, which it was in the on position at the time of the inspection. The light was not functional. It is recommended that the seller confirm the light is operational if there was a dedicated light switch elsewhere to operate. If the light is not operational, the average cost to replace bulb & gasket is $450. Average cost to replace the light and cord is $900.

    6. INTERIOR FINISH: The pool has an upgraded or premium liner installed. Seller indicates the liner was replaced approximately 2 years ago. The cloudy water conditions didn’t allow for an appropriate assessment of the liner condition. There were 3 minor sections of less than 8” in length where the liner was slightly pulled out of the securing track. Recommendation is to continue to monitor for any further separation. The average cost to professionally heat and re-insert into the track is approximately $500.

    7. SAFETY COVER: The pool was noted to have fitted safety cover anchors around the perimeter of the pool, and the fitted cover itself recently pulled back to allow for the pool inspection. The cover was in good condition but appears to have lost a significant share of its load bearing capacity as a “safety” cover because of ages and exposure to the elements. It appears to have 100% of its barrier to leaf and debris getting into the pool when winterized.

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