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Participate in PoolSmart™

Providing pre-closing resources to cure the property value gap.

The average in-ground swimming pool is over 20 years old, and only 30% have ever been remodeled. PoolSmart™ focuses quality labor and financial resources on bridging the gap between personal finances and equity at closing to eliminate the financial burden to make quality improvements for the next homeowner to enjoy.

The 4 components to more pool value


Deferred repair and improvement costs to closing for no cash out of pocket before settlement


Dedicated corps of PoolSmart™ professionals that understand their work and scheduling is vital to transaction success


Special pool equipment and labor pricing for transactional repairs and improvements to create more pool equity


Concierge service for the new transitioning pool owner from move-in pool school through the first 12-months of home ownership

Qualify now for pre-closing pool repairs

Use the only tool that lets the home’s projected market price defer pool repair or improvement costs to closing.

For Real Estate, Lending, and Home Inspection professionals

Embed this free automated decision tool on your website so your clients can quickly determine their eligibility. Simply provide your email address where you want to receive notifications from the system.