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What Does the Ideal Pool Service Include?

There’s nothing like having the luxury of a swimming pool in your backyard where you can swim, enjoy time outdoors, and relax during the hot summer months. Regular maintenance, however, is a critical aspect of ensuring you get the most enjoyment out of your investment and keeping your pool in the best condition possible. 

Keeping your pool in pristine condition takes time, money, and effort. As a result, many pool owners opt to hire a professional pool service. Although it may be tempting to do the work yourself, the expert-level knowledge of pool maintenance services can provide much-needed relief to any pool owner. This article will look at what an ideal pool maintenance service would include.

What the Ideal Weekly Pool Service Would Include

Regardless of the season, regular maintenance is required to keep your pool in the best condition possible. However, pool maintenance is time-consuming and complicated work that can take several hours to complete, leading many pool owners to neglect it altogether.

Hiring a pool maintenance service can ensure that professionals do everything from routine maintenance to significant repairs with the necessary equipment and knowledge needed to get the job done right. Although a pool service can do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to maintenance, there is still effort required by the pool owner to sustain the pool between visits. Here’s a list of the things the ideal pool service would include.

Inspect the Pool’s Water

The ideal pool service will first inspect the water in your pool. This includes sweeping the pool to remove any pieces of debris that may have made their way into your pool throughout the week.

Clean the Pool’s Walls and Surfaces

If your pool’s walls and surfaces are neglected, they can cause serious structural issues in the long run. The ideal pool service will thoroughly scrub your pool’s exposed surfaces and walls to prevent leaks, tiling damage, and algae from growing.

Brushing or Vacuuming

Brushing or vacuuming your pool on a regular basis is another necessary component of pool maintenance. For above-ground pools, vacuuming and brushing are ideal. For in-floor pools, brushing alone can help since the pool drain can act as a central vacuum. Using various tools, the ideal pool service will brush or vacuum your pool to prevent dirt from accumulating at the bottom of the pool.

Rid Your Pool of Bugs and Other Debris

One of the most common things you can expect from a weekly pool service is for them to net your pool of bugs, leaves and other surface-floating debris. Like other aspects of pool maintenance, this task might need to be done more than just once a week.

Certain factors, like wind, can cause debris to enter your pool, so as a pool owner, dedicating a couple of minutes a few different times a week in addition to the thorough cleaning of your pool service can keep your pool looking spotless.

Check Water Levels

Ensuring that your pool’s water level is where it should be can provide an early indication of any potential problems. The ideal pool service will check the pool’s water levels to ensure it is where it should be to prevent other pool components from working harder than necessary.

Inspect the Pool’s Chemical Composition

The chemical composition of your pool is critical for its long-term health. The ideal pool service will test the pH level in your pool weekly and add the correct chemicals to adjust your water’s chemistry and keep the results within the optimal range.

Add-On and Need-Base Services

Some services might need to be added to your weekly pool service. This can be discussed with whichever company you use for your pool service. Some companies offer need-based services at an additional price to weekly services. Some of those services include shock treatments or pump and filter inspections.

Shock Treatment and Algaecide

Depending on the size of your pool, algaecide or a regular shock treatment is sometimes added to keep algae at bay. Pool service professionals will keep an eye on algae growth and add the correct chemicals.

Pump and Filter Inspection

The filter system in your pool is a critical component of the operation of your pool and is responsible for circulating water, filtering it, and keeping everything in working order. Professional pool services may not make this a weekly check, however. This is potentially something you can add to your service when it is needed.

Is Pool Service Worth the Money?

If you’re struggling to keep up with routine pool maintenance, hiring a pool service is probably worth the investment. This is especially true for larger-sized pools, which can be more complex to maintain.

Whether you’ve had a pool for several years or considering having one installed in your backyard, you may want to think about hiring a professional pool cleaning service to help with routine pool maintenance. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider hiring a weekly pool service.

Expert Opinions

One of the most beneficial aspects of hiring a professional pool service is that they know exactly what to look for. An expert pool cleaning service can advise you on which areas of your pool are causing problems and require additional maintenance and anything that could cause trouble in the future.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

With a professional pool service, you can rest assured that the cleaning of your pool never gets lost in the several other things you have to worry about throughout the week. You can choose to have your pool cleaned once a month, once a week, or even several times a week, and they will assist you in understanding what your pool requires and advise you on how frequently it should be cleaned to keep it well maintained and looking its best.

Maintain Chemical Balance

To ensure its safe use and prevent bacteria growth, pools require a proper chemical balance that requires precise measurements and inspections and can be complicated for the average pool owner. Pool specialists understand what chemicals to use, which can be combined, and how much of each to add to your pool using professional-grade equipment and years of expertise.

Saves You Time and Money

Cleaning and maintaining a pool is a stressful and time-consuming task. However, allowing a professional pool cleaning company to maintain your pool gives you the time you would rather spend relaxing with your family or completing other tasks that demand your attention.

Inspection of Pool Equipment

Aside from ensuring that your pool is in good shape, you must also ensure that your pool equipment is well maintained and operational. Pool cleaning services can inspect your equipment, from pumps to vacuums and even pool covers, to ensure that everything is working correctly and will also be able to tell you what needs to be replaced and how to maintain your equipment properly.

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While the ideal pool service will perform all the aforementioned services and provide all the aforementioned benefits, most pool services are not the ideal pool service. Make sure to thoroughly vet any pool service provider to ensure they provide you with everything you need. Regardless, even if you hire the ideal pool service, keeping your pool in pristine condition will still require some effort from you.

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