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Pool record for 22855 Wilderness Rd Edmond, Oklahoma 73025
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The AVE QScore for this pool is 2.82
For a Gunite pool this pool QScore rates as Minimum at 56.3%
Gunite Pool

We have PoolSmart recommendations (7) based on your AVE results.
  • Lighting is the #1 failing item in a swimming pool. In some states there is a mandate to update all high voltage pool lighting to low voltage lighting when they become defective to create greater energy savings as well as swimmer safety.
  • Consider upgrading to a web and smartphone enabled equipment control system.
  • Upgrade to a stand-alone robotic cleaner as a more modern and energy efficient cleaning device.
  • Upgrade to a variable speed filter pump for much greater energy savings.
  • Consider adding home passageway alarm on all doors and windows that allow direct access from the home to the pool area.
  • Ensure you meet safety fencing standards, which is the primary form of safety barrier recognized by all municipalities and the pool industry.
  • Inspectors Notes:
    Disclaimer(s): PoolFax® reports, analysis and assessments do not involve any type of pool leak detection, other than what our onsite inspectors can see occurring from equipment or water features demonstrating leakage at the time of inspection. If leakage is a concern, then our recommendation is to connect with PoolStar® Support with any questions about how to troubleshoot or diagnose them.

    1. SAFETY BARRIERS: The pool was noted to be surrounded by fencing that would meet safety barrier standards to prevent direct access to the pool area, but the gates would not meet safety barrier standards. These should be self-closing, self-latching with a latch at least 54” above the ground to meeting child safety barrier standards.

    2. SAFETY UTILITIES: The pool equipment did not appear to have a static bonding wire attached to the pump. This is not uncommon and typically not able to be resolved if a remnant of the bear #8 copper bonding wire originally attached to the shell rebar is not present.

    3. AUTOMATION: The pool was originally built with a Hayward Command digital control panel that had experienced a control board failure early in the pool’s operational history. The homeowner had it professionally modified to continue operating as a breaker panel for the system, but with two separate digital timers integrated for the pump controls. No issues were noted with the modified system’s performance.

    4. POOL LIGHTING: The pool is equipped with two low voltage incandescent lights. The west light was non-operational. This is a common occurrence with pool lighting and the replacement options are to replace the bulb and gasket, which averages $550. Should a complete light and cord replacement be necessary, the average cost is $900.

    5. INTERIOR FINISH: The pool interior finish as in good aesthetic and functional condition. However, a small imperfection in the form of a small lateral crack in the plaster was noted on the corner of the east side entry steps, approximately 12” below water line tile. Based on the crack’s appearance and path that had migrated up into the tile and coping grout line, it appeared more like a slight imperfection such as a cold joint in the beam. No recommendation for repair is needed, but continued monitoring for any continued changes. Should the homeowner wish to have it fixed, the best opportunity will be during a pool interior finish remodel, but the interior finish has significant function and aesthetic life left.
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Galen Crabtree

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